Follow-up Studies

follow-up-visitsThe MIREC study is now complete, and the study analyses are well underway.
The maternal blood, urine, milk and hair, as well as cord blood and meconium samples have been analysed for a number of environmental chemicals. The data analysis will be a long process involving dozens of MIREC researchers across Canada for still many years.

MIREC is a one of a kind study and is getting international attention. Our first published paper, which describes the MIREC cohort, has been published in the July 2013 issue of the journal Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology. Since then, close to 20 papers have been published, and more are in preparation or submitted to journals. We will keep you informed of any new publication related to the MIREC Study.anglais


MIREC-ID, a follow-up at birth and 6 months

In 2009, we received funding from Health Canada for a follow-up study called MIREC-ID (standing for Infant Development), to follow MIREC mothers and infants at birth and 6 months of age. In total, MIREC-ID enrolled 525 MIREC mothers from our Vancouver, Hamilton, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax sites.

The purpose of this follow-up was to evaluate whether prenatal exposure to environmental chemicals had any measurable effect on the infants growth, general development and behaviour at 6 months.

We finished the last 6-month assessment in March 2012. The analyses for this study are also underway. As for MIREC, we will share with you all the findings and publications when available.

MIREC-CD3, a follow-up at 3 years old

With the completion of the MIREC and MIREC-ID studies, a new follow-up study started in 2012.

This study, also funded by Health Canada, is called MIREC-CD3, standing for Child Development at age 3.

This new follow-up study was focusing on mothers and their MIREC toddler at age 3. The goal of this study was to collect data that will help us learn more about the potential links between prenatal exposures, language and behaviour.

MIREC-CD Plus, a follow-up at 2 to 5 years old

In 2013, we were happy to launch a new follow-up of our MIREC children called MIREC-CD Plus, standing for Child Development, but not limited to age 3. We invited the MIREC families from our Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, Montreal and Halifax sites to participate in that follow-up, which included a biomonitoring and a neurodevelopmental components. The visits were done mainly in the participants’ homes. The main objective was to assess exposure of the MIREC child to environmental chemicals and measure his/her growth, development and behavior.